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    13/03/2023 Vào lúc: 4:04 pm

  • Industry and trade sector drives development

    07/03/2023 Vào lúc: 10:38 am

    Minister of Industry and Trade Nguyen Hong Dien, a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam, spoke with Vietnam Economic News about the 2022 industry and trade sector achievements and its 2023 plans. Vietnamese President Nguyen […]

  • Intertwined opportunities, challenges for Vietnam’s economy in 2023

    07/03/2023 Vào lúc: 10:31 am

    With certain headwinds predicted for the global economy in 2023, Vietnam too, faces considerable challenges. But opportunities are also significant if concerted and appropriate solutions are taken, an expert has said. With certain headwinds predicted for the global economy in […]

  • Seeking driving force for 2023 economic growth

    07/03/2023 Vào lúc: 10:26 am

    On the threshold of the New Year, economist Dr. Nguyen Dinh Cung, former director of the Central Institute for Economic Management, sums up the Vietnamese economy’s 2022 results and provides his forecast for 2023 growth. Growth exceeds forecast In 2022, […]

  • Expressions of trust in Vietnam’s business environment

    07/03/2023 Vào lúc: 10:22 am

    (VEN) – Representatives of foreign organizations and diplomatic missions praise the Vietnamese Government’s efforts to promote economic recovery and development in 2022 and expect Vietnam will continue bouncing back in 2023. Agustaviano Sofjan, Indonesian Consul General in Ho Chi Minh […]

  • Trade surplus with America exceeds US$100 billion

    07/03/2023 Vào lúc: 10:15 am

    Viet Nam enjoyed a trade surplus of US$100 billion with the Americas for the first time in 2022, according to the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT). In the year, trade with the continent accelerated to US$153.9 billion, representing a […]

  • More Vietnamese farm products exported to Europe

    07/03/2023 Vào lúc: 10:06 am

    The central province of Quang Tri shipped its first batch of 15 tons of organic rice at a price of US$1,800 per ton to the European Union (EU) on February 13. First ‘Dien’ pomelos from the northern province of Hoa […]