MRL is a fast growing, leading integrated logistics provider in Vietnam and other agency countries. At MRL, we believe our people are our most valuable asset and s erve as the engine for our growth and success. In order to sustain our growth and prepare for the future, we are invested in seeking the best talent to join our team. The MRL culture is open, dynamic and entrepreneurial in spirit. Talent development is a key cornerstone of MRL’s strategy and our Human Resource team is committed to the training, education and development of its employees while providing competitive compensation and benefits. If you are interested to learn more about joining MRL, please search our job openings on our website or contact us info@mrl.com.vn for more information.

We have over 1,500 team members, 70% of our members are young and dynamic team. The MRL culture is fully committed to the spirit of I AM POSSIBLE.

We leverage our team’s talent to create innovative logistics solutions designed to improve our clients’ results. Our agile and responsive organization works to ensure that our services and solutions are delivered with excellence.